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General Pilates Articles

1. Exercise

  1. What is Pilates?
  2. Pilates Exercise
  3. Find the Right Pilates Exercise Mat for you!
  4. Find a Pilates Exercise Program for You!
  5. Finding the right Pilates Class for You!
  6. Free Pilates Workout
  7. A Few Free Pilates Tips
  8. How to Do Pilates Exercises Safely
  9. Great Ab Workouts
  10. Pilates for Beginners
  11. Pilates Mat Exercise: Tips to get more out of your Workout
  12. Basic Pilates Poses for Classic Exercises.
  13. Pain Free Pilates Exercise Moves!
  14. Pilates Exercise Examples!
  15. Free Pilates Exercises Shown for You!
  16. Abdominal Exercise for Women
  17. Good Stomach Exercises for a Flat Belly
  18. Pilates for Dummies
  19. Good Pilates Exercise Routine

2. Exercise of the Month!

  1. Pilates Teaser a Classic!
  2. Pilates The Hundred for a Great Warm-Up!
  3. Pilates Crisscross to work the Waistline!
  4. Cat Stretch to Release Back Tension
  5. Pilates Bridge for Pelvic Support.
  6. Stability ball pushup for core strength.
  7. Pilates Arrow as The Best Back Exercise.
  8. Stretch Lower Back Muscles with The Spine Stretch Forward.
  9. Pilates Side Kicks to Strengthen the Hips and Legs.
  10. Pilates Leg Circles for Well Toned Legs.
  11. A Great Pilates Stretch For The Lower Back.

3. Equipment Workouts!

  1. Pilates Chair Workout.
  2. Pilates Reformer Workout.
  3. Pilates Cadillac Workout.

4. Stability Ball Exercises!

  1. Core Ball Workout: Sport Specifics
  2. Free Pilates Ball Exercise at Home!
  3. 10 Great Abdominal Ball Exercises!
  4. Learn How to Use your Exercise Ball!
  5. Pilates Exercise Ball Routines in just 35 minutes!
  6. Best Exercise Ball Workout


  1. The History of Pilates
  2. Pilates vs. Yoga: Equal but not the Same!
  3. Benefit of Pilates
  4. Pilates - The Anti-Aging Exercise!
  5. Pain Relief Exercises using Pilates!
  6. Exercise Warm Up using Pilates!
  7. Pilates Online Workouts!
  8. Free Pilates DVD Workout!
  9. Find the Best Pilates Move for Your Body!
  10. 10 Reasons to do Pilates for Life!
  11. Beginner Pilates DVD
  12. Pilates Balance Exercises
  13. Pilates Exercise Instructions
  14. Find a Pilates Exercise Picture for Your Ability.
  15. Pilates Stretch Band Exercises!
  16. Where to find Pilates equipment online!
  17. Pilates on the Go!
  18. Closed Chain Exercises using Pilates

Pilates Articles for Specific Body Parts

1. For Your Back!

  1. Pilates and Back Pain: Common inuries and how to avoid them.
  2. Back Stretching Exercise
  3. Exercise to Strengthen the Lower Back Muscles
  4. Best Lower Back Exercise
  5. Lower Back Pain and Exercise
  6. Tips to Reduce Low Back Pain
  7. Pulling Exercise for your Back
  8. Back Strengthening Exercise
  9. Back Extension Exercise
  10. Exercises for a Bad Back
  11. Low Back Exercise
  12. Back Injury Exercise Cautions
  13. Upper Back Exercise for Improving Posture
  14. Finding Neutral Back Position
  15. Pilates Back Exercise
  16. Exercise after Back Surgery with Pilates
  17. Back Pain Relief with Pilates!
  18. Back Toning Exercise
  19. Back Exercises at Home
  20. Good Back Exercises

2. For Your Hips, Knees, and Legs!

  1. SI Joint Exercises
  2. SI Joint Treatment
  3. Sacroiliac Joint Pain
  4. Exercises for Sacroiliac Joint Pain
  5. The Best Sciatic Nerve Exercises
  6. Stretches for Sciatica
  7. Sciatica Causes - How Pilates Helps!
  8. Exercise for Reducing Hip Measurements
  9. Hip Flexor Exercise
  10. Hip Bursitis Exercise
  11. Hip Joint Exercise for Stability
  12. Exercise for Hips and Thighs
  13. Exercises for Knee Joint Pain
  14. Hip Extension Exercises
  15. Pilates Leg Exercises for Strength and Flexibility
  16. IT Band Treatment
  17. IT Band Syndrome
  18. Iliotibial Band Stretch for Relief!
  19. Arthritis Hip Pain Relief Exercises!
  20. Hip Replacement Exercise
  21. Knee Strengthening exercise
  22. Save your Knees!

3. For Your Shoulders!

  1. How to Exercise Shoulder Muscles After Injury
  2. Best Exercises for Shoulder Stability
  3. Exercise for a Frozen Shoulder
  4. Shoulder Exercises for Joint Stability
  5. What a Pain in the Shoulder!
  6. Shoulder Rehab Exercise - Stretch, Stable, Strength!
  7. AC Joint Exercise
  8. How to Strengthen Rotator Cuff Muscles for Strong Shoulders!
  9. How to Fix those Rounded Shoulders!
  10. Relieve Shoulder Pain with Simple Exercises!

4. For Your Feet!

  1. Foot Ebook Exercises; Treat Your Feet!
  2. Why do your Feet Hurt?
  3. Foot Pronation Exercises

5. Pilates Articles For the Core and Breathing

  1. Core Pilates: Natural Shapewear!
  2. Pilates Oblique Exercise for a Trim Waist!
  3. Free Core Workout
  4. Core Body Workout vs. Traditional Weight Training
  5. Using Pilates for Better Posture
  6. Tips to Improve Posture
  7. Abdominal Breathing Exercises
  8. Breathing Rate During Exercise
  9. Respiration During Exercise
  10. Pilates Abdominal Exercises
  11. Pilates Abs Workout Online
  12. Pilates Ab Workouts
  13. Posture Perfect Pilates
  14. Flat Belly Workout
  15. Stomach Exercises for Women
  16. Standing Balance Exercises
  17. Diastasis Recti Exercises
  18. How to Engage the Core Muscles

Pilates for...

1. Older Adults

  1. Pilates Exercise for Elderly Adults
  2. Exercises for Senior Citizens
  3. Best Exercises for the Older Adult
  4. Bone Building Exercises for Osteoporosis
  5. Arthritis Relief Using Pilates
  6. Balance Exercises Using Pilates Principles
  7. Jennifer's Story: Infant at 85


  1. Pilates Mind Body Exercise
  2. The Best Exercise for Osteoporosis
  3. Stretching Exercises for Golf
  4. Aquatic Arthritis Exercise Program
  5. Pilates Safe During Pregnancy
  6. Endometriosis and Pilates
  7. Pilates Exercise in the Pool
  8. 4 of the Greatest Exercises!
  9. Pilates Exercise for Depression
  10. Fibromyalgia Exercise Program using Pilates
  11. Pilates for Weight Loss
  12. Exercise for People with Scoliosis
  13. Exercise for Kyphosis "Hunchback"
  14. Unleash Your Inner Animal with Pilates!
  15. Pilates Exercise and MS

Get Started With Action!

  1. Pilates: Relief for Back and Joint Pain Ebook
  2. How to Treat and Prevent Shoulder Conditions Ebook
  3. Foot Ebook: Treat Your Feet!
  4. Exercise Ball DVD
  5. Pilates DVD
  6. 20 Minute Total Ball Exercise Workout Ebook

Miscellaneous Pages

  1. About Jennifer
  2. Contact
  3. Pilates Questions answered here!

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