Hip pain after 4 months of Reformer Pilates


I had a total right hip replacement 8 months ago;

I rehabbed really quickly, although I was also (and still am) dealing with L4 spondylolisthesis.

There are so many things I couldn't do, most importantly was no impact.

I have a left knee that needs to be replaced, but I'm simply not ready for that kind of post-op pain and work!

My hip was bone-on-bone, and I felt great soon afterwards.

I may not have paid careful attention to the "never do this" instructions.... now I have groin pain (right side) and pain between my abdomen and thigh when I stand up.

Can I still do Pilates?

I'm supposed to see my hip surgeon next week, but I'm wondering if I should hold back on Pilates? 😢


I would definitely lay off the Reformer Pilates until you see your doctor again.

Are you taking a group reformer class?

If you can get a one on one session, I would suggest doing some of the footwork on the chair and avoid holding the legs in table top position, this may be what's causing some of the groin pain and discomfort you are feeling.

Check out this page about Pilates after total hip replacement.

This page will help guide you to the best exercises to do, and those on the "NO list" to avoid after hip replacement surgery.

Hip Replacement Exercises.

Best to you and hope you have a good check up!


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