Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Sacroiliac joint pain is a real pain in the butt and for good reason! This area, in and around the sacrum is the main nerve center of the body and, in turn is where much of our low back, hip, and radiating leg pain originates.

Where is the Sacroiliac Joint?

The SI or Sacroiliac Joint is one of two joints in the pelvis that connects the sacrum to the large pelvic bone, the ilium.

sacroiliac joint pain anatomy image

These two joints, on either side of the pelvis, connect the spine to the pelvis. Those hollowed out areas where some people have dimples in their buttocks is what I am talking about.

You can really feel this nerve center if you ever had a deep massage where someone sticks an elbow in your gluteus maximus and you’ve almost jumped off the table.

Find out how to treat the area yourself here.

What causes Sacroiliac Joint Pain?

This joint is not designed for a large range of motion and it tends to stiffen and lock as we age. Any unusual motion then, could aggravate the SI Joint and cause us pain.

The motion in the SI Joint is somewhat of a gliding action as we flex and walk. Sometimes walking, sitting, standing, or lying can cause pain in this joint and refer into the back, buttocks, and radiate down the thigh. This radiating pain is sometimes confused with sciatica.

Although this hip joint pain and dysfunction has similar symptoms and does affect the sciatic nerve a pinched nerve root does not necessarily cause it.

Sacroiliac joint pain can be caused by several factors:

- Overuse which causes excessive wear and tear on the cartilage in the joint.

- Under-use where the SI Joint becomes tighter and less mobile causing pain when we do need to mobilize it for activity.

- Trauma to the joint from a fall or blow to the area.

- Inflammation of the joint.

- Twisting and/or bending in a certain way that triggers the pain.

- Osteoarthritis of the hip joint that can lead to stress fractures.

How can I treat my SI Joint Pain?

SI Joint treatment usually consists of manipulation and mobilization techniques through specific stretches that you or a therapist can perform.

Try doing exercises that require you to stabilize your pelvis while mobilizing the legs.

Check out this informative article detailing pelvic stabilization and strengthening exercises for your sacroiliac joint.

Specific Pilates si joint exercises can be very helpful for someone with pain in the SI Joint.

si joint exercise imag

Some of these Pilates movements that can be helpful for SI Joint Pain are:

Pilates Bridging,

Leg Circles,

Side Kicks,


the Single Leg Stretch.

Leave sacroiliac joint pain and find ways you can benefit from stretching and strengthening your hip muscles here.

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