The Best Pilates Exercise Moves for You!

Although there are hundreds of ways to do a great Pilates exercise moves some will just feel better for you whatever your goal may be.

Pilates Moves for Low Back Pain

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Cat Stretch

– This exercise is done in a kneeling Pilates position on your hands and knees.

This is one of the best Pilates exercise moves to help improve the flexibility of your spine by flexing or rounding the back deeply and then extending your spine from head to tail like a cat in the morning.

It helps to loosen stiff and sore back muscles.

See more of the Cat Stretch and my exercise of the month moves here.

Single Leg Stretch

– This Pilates position not only helps to stretch the muscles of the lower back and buttocks, but it also strengthens the deep abdominal muscles that support the lower back and spine simultaneously.

Pilates movements that will help to decrease hip pain and improve flexibility in the
SI Joint

pilates exercise move for hip image

Leg Circles

- This one of the best Pilates exercise moves to stabilize the core and pelvic girdle while stretching and strengthening the muscles of the hip and thigh.

Pilates leg circles can be done with many different variations to get optimal benefits such as with the stretch band around the foot shown here to help support the leg so you can focus on stabilizing and then circling.

Side Lying Kicks

– The Pilates Side Kick sequence also stabilizes the pelvic girdle and allows you to flex and extend the leg at the hip for motion that can help your walking gait.

The side kicks are also a great way to strengthen and tone the hips and thighs.

Want to learn one of the best Pilates exercise moves to help Widdle your Waistline?

pilates crisscross image

Criss Cross

– The Pilates Criss Cross is most effective at working the oblique muscles at the waist.

This is an advanced exercise and when done correctly the turn is at the waist and not in the neck and shoulders.

This exercise can be found in the bonus book, 5 best abdominal exercises, Free with your Pilates ebook order.

Improve your Breathing Capacity with The Hundreds

pilates ab exercise the hundred image


The Hundreds, used as a warm-up exercise for Pilates works the core and respiratory muscles while warming up the whole body for the sequence of exercises to follow.

The hundreds are named due to the 10 sets of 10 breaths breathing in and out for a 5 count while pulsing your arms in rhythm to the breath.

Need help strengthening the Hamstrings to avoid cramping?


Bridges are a great way to open and articulate the spine while strengthening the deep abdominal muscles and the hamstrings.

This is a feel good exercise for the spine and as you do it more you should develop more muscles in the hamstrings, in turn reducing the cramps you may be feeling.

Leave Pilates exercise moves and find out more about how Pilates can help with your core, back, hips, shoulders, and feet.

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