Pilates On The Go!

I love to do Pilates on the Go! This is why my website is full of pictures and videos of me doing my favorite Pilates exercise routine while traveling.

You can even do Pilates or Yoga on the bow of a sailboat. 

When the water is flat calm and the bugs are biting in the galley, what better place to be practicing your mindful exercise than out on the bow in the middle of Lake Michigan.

yoga pose on the water image

Traveling and just being on the road can be stressful on your body.

Just getting down, or up and doing a short 10 minute Pilates exercise routine on the go can really help with making your travels more enjoyable.

It can not only relieve stress, but help you sleep better and increase your energy.

Within the pages of my site you have access to the many places and ways to use Pilates and the many pieces of small equipment to take it On the Go with you.

Some of my favorite on the go places to do Pilates are....

By the mist of Waterfalls in the Grand Canyon!

pilates open leg rocker image

Check out this free Pilates online image showing my core balance even under the huge pressure of a 200 foot waterfall in the background.

Some of my favorite Pilates exercises are done while hiking in beautiful cliffs and wilderness areas.

pilates on the go image

Just bend over and pose while trying not to slip off the side of a cliff.

More of my favorite Pilates exercises are done right in the grass in my front yard, along with an exercise ball makes it even more fun and challenging.

The grass is natural cushion for the body... along with some bugs and scratchy blades.

pilates with the ball image

Wherever you go, it's easy to have a Pilates on the Go routine.

You can do Pilates exercises on the floor, with or without a mat,

in the grass,

with a resista-band,


or magic circle.

Anything that will travel with you is fair game for a Pilates travel routine. Just go out and plop down and do Pilates wherever you feel the urge.

Find more ways that Pilates exercises can help you live and enjoy life to the fullest.

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