IT Band Treatment

IT Band Treatment comes in a variety of forms depending on how you want to approach it.

I'll show you several different ways to treat your IT Band pain to get relief. Pick and choose those that work best for you.

Icing the Area around the IT Band

Try icing the sore area for 10 – 20 minutes at a time.

One way I like to ice inflamed areas is with paper cups filled with water in your freezer. Peel the top of the cup away and massage the ice-cup over your IT Band in a circular pattern, allowing the ice to melt away.

Did you know that icing for too long can actually causes frostbite?

Be sure to watch the clock, and do NOT ice longer than 20 minutes.

Don’t allow ice to sit against your skin without a layer of protection. Either continually move the ice as if you’re giving yourself an “ice massage,” or use a thin towel between the ice and your skin.


You can use a 36" foam roller to help stretch the area. Lie sideways on the roller and slowly roll from hip to knee. As you roll your body weight along the foam, you massage through restrictions in your muscle and fascia.

Check out my video here to see how to use the foam roller for massaging the area.


Stretching is a key element for your Treatment. When done correctly IT Band stretches can lengthen and decrease pain.

There are a number of stretches that specifically target the IT Band pain area.

Click on this article to find out which stretches can work into your IT Band Treatment right now!


Pilates exercises are a great way to assist with IT Band Strength because of their low-impact nature. There are no pavement-pounding or other jarring motions involved.

Also, with Pilates you focus on stretching and elongating your muscles as you strengthen them.

IT Band treatment can be helped by using Pilates exercises. They have worked for me to help ease the ache and tension in my IT Band area.

Pilates Knee Sways

pilates knee sway exercise image

Position: Lay on your back, feet flat on the mat and hip distance apart, arms at sides.

Movement: Inhale to prepare, then exhale and allow both your legs to sway to the side, keeping your feet on the mat.

Your pelvis and lower back (lumbar spine) will rotate.

Inhale, come back to center. Exhale as legs drop to other side. Do 6 on each side.

Tips: Keep your ribcage on the mat—remember, movement is from the waist down. Think of “anchoring” your shoulders.

Pilates Single Leg Stretch

pilates single leg stretch image

Position: Lay on your back, pull one knee into your chest and extend the other leg long, feeling your hip open up.

You can lift your head and shoulders off the mat, or keep them down on the mat.

Movement: Switch legs and pull the other knee into your chest as the opposite leg stretches out. Repeat 8 -10 times per leg.

Tips: Be sure not to lose your neutral spine by overarching your back. If your back arches, bring your legs higher off the mat during the exercise.

Imagine your leg stretching for miles and miles, as the big toe lengthens away from the hips.

Find more ways to get help with your IT Band Pain here.

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