Shoulder Exercises Using the Resistance Band

Let me show you some of my favorite shoulder exercises working with only the tension of a resistance band below.

Internal Shoulder Rotation:

internal shoulder rotation exercise image

This exercise helps to work the muscles of the rotator cuff that inwardly rotate the shoulder.

Wrap the band around a solid object and then line yourself up so that it is waist high.

You'll want to keep your elbow at or near your side as you do this exercise.

With your forearm parallel to the floor and your palm facing your body pull the band across your torso towards your navel in the center.

Adjust and hold tension with your other arm, as shown to the left.

Repeat this exercise on both arms for 8-15 repetitions.

External Shoulder Rotation:

shoulder external rotation exercise image

This shoulder exercise helps to work the muscles of the rotator cuff that outwardly rotate the shoulder.

Holding the stretch band waist high with both hands, palms up, pull your hands apart until you feel tension on the outside of the shoulder.

You will feel the shoulder blades move towards your spine as you do this. Try to keep your elbows near your waist.

This exercise can be done with the band wrapped around a solid object as well just as long as you rotate the forearms out to the side away from your midline.

Repeat this exercise for 8-15 repetitions.

Upper Back and Rowing Shoulder Exercises:

shoulder exercises image with ban

This exercise works the upper back of the arms (triceps) and shoulders (deltoids, lats) and is helpful in strengthening those shoulder muscles that help keep your posture upright.

Find out more ways to improve your posture by strengthening your upper back and shoulders here.

Sitting tall wrap the band around your feet or standing wrap the band around a solid object at waist high.

Inhale as you pull the band back to your waist, exhale as you slowly release back to start.

This exercise can be done with your palms face down or facing each other to work different muscles.

Repeat for 10-15 repetitions or fatigue. Imagine reaching your elbows straight back or out wide with palms down.

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Chest Stretching Exercise:

chest stretching exercise imag

This shoulder exercise is great for not only stretching the chest, but simultaneously working the muscles of the shoulder blades that help to retract and depress them.

This exercise can be done standing or lying on your back. Either way hold the stretch band out from your chest with your hands on the band about shoulder width apart.

Inhale as you stretch the band across your chest by pressing your hands out to the sides away from your torso. Exhale as you slowly return to the start. Work the resistance both directions.

Repeat for 10-15 repetitions.

Chest Press with Resista-Band:

chest press with resista band image

This shoulder and chest exercise is good at training the anterior and posterior muscles of the shoulder to work with a wide chest.

Standing or Kneeling wrap the band around your torso and up under your armpits.

Hold the middle of the band right under your armpits for maximum resistance.

Keeping your chest wide and spine straight press the band straight out from your chest exhaling, then return to start by controlling the resistance back.

You can do this exercise with your palms face down and/or facing each other to work different muscle groups.

Repeat for 10-15 repetitions.

Find more great shoulder exercises and information by going here.

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