Benefits of a Pilates DVD Workout



The great thing about owning your own Pilates workout DVD is that you can do it anytime you want in the privacy of your home.

I have several of my own dvd's and enjoy the different workouts that I get from each instructor.


Because Pilates movements are all inclusive meaning they work the whole body as one unit you will get a great all over body toning workout in less than an hour with most Pilates workout DVD's.


Pilates exercises are well known to stretch and strengthen muscles through the graceful flowing sequence of movements.

In addition to flexibility your agility and coordination will improve making it easier for you to do daily activities like getting in and out of bed and your car, getting off the floor, bending and reaching in high and low places, and just feeling more stable on your feet.


Pilates sessions can cost you anywhere from $10 to $100 depending on whether you are in a class or having an individual session with an instructor.

Owning your own DVD workout can pay for itself in just one session and that’s at a low class price of $10-$15.

5. FUN

Pilates has been known and shown to be a fun and invigorating workout.

How can you not have fun when you are doing exercises called the Seal, Swan Dive, Rolling like a Ball, Corkscrew, and Crab?

pilates dvd exercise image


When you do a Pilates workout daily for even just twenty minutes can dramatically improve energy levels as well as your outlook on life.

The flowing sequence of movements increases your circulation and the movement of fluids through the spinal canal into the brain increasing the good feelings you get like an endorphin high.


Pilates exercises help you to realign the spine and strengthen and stabilize the major joints of the body.

By working the body in this way you can decrease pain, increase core strength and, in turn, improve your posture.

Pilates DVD Video Review

Pilates Beginner DVD: Pilates for Healthy Back and Joints!

I recommend this dvd because of the focus on fundamentals, modifications, and proper breathing before you just dive into the classic mat exercises. You won't be disappointed!

Core Pilates DVD: Pilates Core Ball Challenge DVD!

core pilates ball exercise image

Try the Pilates Core Ball Challenge, one of my favorites to do and teach.

It strengthens and tones muscles, improves posture flexibility and balance, and creates a sleek, firm and strong body. Each movement targets the core muscles of the body, including the abs, lower back, hips and buttocks.

There are also some great upper body exercises featuring push ups and the jack-knife.

By focusing on your core muscles, you build lean muscle that burns calories more efficiently.

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