How To Do Pilates Exercises

Many ask me how to do Pilates exercises safely and without pain. Well, this system of exercise produces extraordinary results because it is based on physiology and not on fad routines that promise instant results.

The principles of Pilates benefits include using the body and mind in order to achieve a strong, flexible and healthy body.

The program starts by building a strong core muscle group followed by a strengthening of the surrounding muscles in the rest of the body.

Grace of Movement

There are many different kinds of exercise programs, but not all of them are effective because they are not based on sound physiological principles.

Medical science has proven that developing strong and toned muscles in the mid section when coupled with maintaining a healthy weight can actually reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular disease.

When you strengthen the core muscles and then begin to strengthen and lengthen the surrounding muscles, you achieve a wealth of benefits that go far beyond muscle development.

  • Less chance of incurring injury because muscles are more flexible and can sustain more enduring effort
  • Digestion is improved because muscles around organs are in their proper shape

  • Good posture is developed which lessens stress on joints and connecting tissues
  • Ability to hold up the body making it easier to perform daily tasks
  • Improved muscle tone leading to a loss of inches

Learning how to do Pilates can be a very graceful experience that uses movements which require control, fluidity and concentration.

Creating Serenity

The Pilates hundreds are ideal for men and women, because all human bodies need core muscle strength.

how to do pilates hundreds image

The powerhouse muscles in your abdomen which also wrap around to the back in girdle form are responsible for much of the human body’s ability to bend, twist, lift, walk and even stay upright.

The benefits of Pilates exercise program uses some basic but essential principles as the foundation for all exercises building strong Pilates abs.

  • The power of Concentration so you focus on the muscle movement and send the right signals to the muscles involved
  • The effectiveness of Control which leads to greater use of muscle mass through precise and continuous movement
  • The energy of Flow fluidity which concentrates on the continuity of movement and energy in the body during the exercise program
  • The relaxing and energy supplying power of Breathing which releases tension and insures the body has plenty of fresh air while completing exercises

There are other principles including Adherence and Precision which are integral to how to do Pilates, but the four listed above are essential to every program no matter how it is designed.

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Stretching the Mind and Body

Learning how to do Pilates is unique because it challenges the mind and body through continuous, focused, and controlled movement. The exercises include the following.

  • Warm up exercises to get blood flowing to the muscles
  • Abdominal exercises which are coupled with back exercises
  • Upper body exercises
  • Lower body exercises
  • Stretching

All Pilates exercises use the core muscles to control the movements in all moves no matter what section of the body is being exercised.

So when you are doing upper body exercises, you are still strengthening the core muscle group. When you stretch, you are lengthening the core muscles.

During every exercise you use the mind to focus on the muscles you are using.

The Pilates exercise program is based on physiological principles of body movement and that is why this type of exercise is growing in popularity.

The more science learns about the body….the more it becomes clear that Pilates is an ideal exercise program for men and women.

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