What a Pain in Shoulder!

If you have a pain in shoulder to deal with then you are not alone. Next to backaches, shoulder pains it the most common complaint I hear from clients and my own friends.

Pain in shoulder causes many other imbalances in the body besides just in your shoulder.

The effects of shoulder pain can run up and down the spine causing imbalances throughout the body. The shoulder pain causes you to shrug your shoulders, which, in effect tightens the neck muscles.

I can always tell when one of my clients is hurting in his/her back or shoulder because they shrug the shoulders. It can even cause pain in the back due to tensing muscles from the pain.

What are some Shoulder Pain Causes?

-Trauma from falling on an outstretched arm.

When I broke my collarbone the trauma from the break actually caused me more pain in shoulder and the neck due to the tensing of muscles as a protective shield.

-Repetitive Use from throwing and swinging sports. Particularly in baseball, tennis, and golfing.

-Shoulder pain sleeping. Yes, I hear all the time about “Why does my shoulder hurt at night when I’m sleeping?”

I find out later that they are sleeping on the sore shoulder all night.

When I ask them why they don't lie on their back or the other side they respond that they can only sleep on that particular side. Well then, I guess they must be getting some sleep after all!

If you can avoid it don’t sleep on the affected side or slide a pillow under the arm to open up the subacromial space in the armpit of the shoulder. This is where the nerve pinches and causes radiating pain down the arm.

-Weak Muscles in the shoulder girdle complex. When I broke my collarbone and was not able to use my arm for about 6 weeks the muscles in the shoulder atrophied or became weakened.

Once I started using that arm again it was sore from just a little bit of use because it was not conditioned to do the things I had normally done.

Gradually as I increased the strength again in that arm and shoulder the pain went away.

Find some good shoulder strengthening exercises here.

pain in shoulder exercise image

Specifically, I started doing rowing and pulling exercises to strengthen the muscles of the middle and upper back.

See an example of the lat rowing exercise at the right. It's easy to do at home with any time of resistance band.

These exercises helped to stretch and strengthen the muscles at the same time and gradually my pain in the shoulder, neck, and back went away.

-Frozen Shoulder. frozen shoulder is due to lack of use, usually the less dominant arm becomes frozen and then through stretching and range of motion exercises it regains motion.

Where to find Shoulder Pain help:

After hearing from clients for years about their pain in shoulder muscles and joints I decided to find the best ways to help them and prevent further shoulder pain I developed an ebook specifically for people to relieve shoulder pain and prevent it.

Specifically the Shoulder Pain Ebook outlines 3 ways to exercise:

1. STRETCHING: To regain the range of motion in the shoulder gradually and without pain before you begin any type of strengthening exercises.

2. STABILIZING: Once the muscles have regained a healthy range of motion it’s time to stabilize the shoulder girdle to prevent further injuries. These exercises are designed to strengthen the shoulder girdle complex at the base while the arm moves freely and efficiently.

It works much like a crane, the base of the crane is the solid stable foundation so the arm can work freely moving and lifting.

3. STRENGTHENING: Finally you can begin to develop muscle tone in the shoulders and arms more effectively and without risk of further damage to the muscle tissue.

Check out the specific pain in shoulder exercises outlined in the new Shoulder ebook available here

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