Tight Butt Exercises Using a Ball!

Everyone wants tight buns and what better way to get them than by doing tight butt exercises with an exercise ball.  It's fun and easy to do anywhere.

I'll show you my favorites and the most effective ways to exercise on a ball. 

Doing these exercises on the ball will give you the tightest buns in town.

See all of these pictured below with descriptions and number of repetitions from some of my other ball pages here.

tight butt exercsies image
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How can I do these exercises correctly?

These bun tightening exercises take balance, concentration, focus, and a strong core. 

Don't worry though if you roll off just make sure you have lots of cushion around you!

Following these exercises, see descriptions here for the ball and those on my other pages and through the video you will become one with your ball in just three sessions.  I guarantee it!

The nice thing about Pilates and using an exercise ball is that you can always challenge yourself by doing the exercises more precisely, with a larger range of motion, and with fluidity.

That is the beauty of Pilates, no two workouts are ever the same.

Some days you are on and some days you are off.

Hopefully not too far off your ball.

If you enjoyed the free video and ball exercises you can purchase a DVD of your own tight butt exercises right from my site here.

What size ball do I need?

The best size ball for your workout is a 55 cm ball fully inflated.

If it is under-inflated you will not sit or lie comfortably on it, and...it's a bit more challenging with a fully inflated, firm ball.

The thicker the exercise ball coating, or the less see through it is, the better.  It will last longer and you won't have to worry about it popping and go flying across the room.

The tighter the ball, the tighter your buns will be!

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