Free Pilates Ball Video

Check out my free Pilates Ball Video below on Youtube below.

You'll learn some of my favorite exercises in a quick and efficient way to exercise the whole body.

If you like this Pilates ball video then purchase one for yourself from a link here.

My favorite Pilates exercise ball workout includes over 30 minutes of sitting, lying, side lying, and prone, or belly down balance exercises.

If you love Pilates and you love ball exercises then this is the video for you!

My Pilates Ball DVD incorporates some of the classic Pilates mat exercises such as the Hundreds, leg circles, rolling, bridges, side stretches, and side kicks, along with the jacknife into a fun and very effective workout.

It is definitely not a beginner level workout, so make sure you have some level of Pilates mat competency before you begin doing these ball exercises.

The plank position preparing for pushups on the ball as shown below is just one of the many challenging and fun exercises we will perform together on the exercise ball.

pilates ball exercise image

If you are looking to take your Pilates mat workout to the next level then this is the best way to do it with an exercise ball.

The Pilates ball challenges your core musculature and balance in a whole new way with the variety of exercises positioning you on your back, side, tummy on, and sitting on the ball.

No matter what age you are you can reap the benefits of an exercise ball workout incorporating Pilates exercises.

Pick and choose the exercises on the ball video that work best for you, don't feel like you have to do them all right away.

Repeat your favorite ball exercises 3 times a week for several weeks and then add a few more in as you get more and more comfortable with your exercise ball.

I guarantee you will have great results if you follow the exercises in this pilates ball video for 3 times a week.

For more great tips and information on how to use an exercise ball go here.

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