Improve your Back Health with Pilates!

Did you know that your posture, back health, and how you move can actually be an indicator of how old your body is?

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Joseph Pilates stated that “The age of your body is in direct relation to the age of your spine.”

So, if you have a healthy back you will not only feel younger but look younger too!

What a great concept. Keep your spine healthy and you will be healthy!

Your spine health should start with exercises that can help you improve the age of spine by doing back stretching and strengthening exercises that work the core or trunk of the body including all the major joints of the body.

I haven’t found the fountain of youth but I think Pilates exercises are the closest you can get to anti-aging exercise.

The beauty of Pilates is that it works all those deeper core muscles that contribute to a healthy back by strengthening the weak muscles and stretching the tight ones.

In effect, Pilates corrects the length/tension imbalances in our bodies contributing to a more upright posture that looks and feels great.

Check out some of my favorite back exercises at home here.

If you have Lower Back Pain or are looking for exercises to tone and strengthen the back then check out some of the great articles available to you here free!

There are articles describing:

When you do Pilates exercises they not only make your back feel better but they give you more energy and a clearer more focused mind.


Through the stretching and articulating movements of the spine.

Pilates movements allow the fluid in the spine to flow more freely up and down the spine lubricating the joints and opening the flow of cerebral spinal fluid from the sacrum to the brain for clearer thinking and to energize your body.


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