Exercises for Lower Back Pain Right Side of your Spine 

There are many reasons you may have lower back pain right side of your spine.  I see people every day who come to me for just this complaint.



Let's explore some reasons why you might have back pain on the right side, and then look at some back exercises for men and women that may help you get out of pain today.


You may have strained or have a pulled muscle in the lower back that is causing your pain or back ache.


If this is the case then follow the instructions in my video here for a pulled back muscle on the right or left side of your back.

If you prefer, the written directions are below.



Kneeling on all fours in a neutral back position; if the lower back pain is on the right side of the spine then you'll want to bend or flex your spine to the right side and then back to neutral.


The reasoning for exercising this way is that the back muscles shorten or contract when you bend into them, rather than overstreching or pulling on them, which could cause them to tear or weaken and then spasm more.


side bending exercise image


Another reason for your lower back pain right side may be a cramp or tight muscle on the right side. 

If this is the case, then you will want to do lower back exercises for men or women by gently flexing or bending your spine to the left and then coming back to a neutral position.


Sitting tall in a chair; reach up with your right hand and then down to the floor with your left.  Feel the stretch from your pelvis through the ribs on the right side of your spine.  Keep your hips anchored to the chair as you lift your ribs to the sky.


Progressively stretch farther if your back will allow.


See more side bending exercises specifically for curvatures in the back, such as scoliosis from this page.


hamstring stretch standing image


You may have a lower back pain on your right side of your spine and sacroiliac joint if you have an imbalance in your pelvis.


One of the best ways to balance your pelvis is by lying or standing (as shown) keeping your pelvis stable as you stretch your hamstrings.


Do this exercise as shown here, standing and using a wall to stabilize your pelvis as you lift one heel at a time getting a strong stretch in the back of the other leg.


If you prefer to do this exercise lying then do it keeping the pelvis in neutral and grabbing behind your thighs.  Extend one leg at a time, heel to the ceiling, feeling the stretch high in your hamstring or back of the upper thigh.

Leave lower back pain right side and find more ways that Pilates exercises can help with this and other back pain.


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