Stability Ball Pushup for Strength and Balance

The stability ball pushup is a great exercise to strengthen the whole of your upper body while simultaneously working your core balance and abdominal muscles.

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If I could only do one upper body ball exercise this would be the one!


Because doing proper pushups works the whole upper body, the chest, arms, shoulders, back... and doing a pushup on the ball works the core musculature of the trunk at the same time.

What a perfect exercise!

Kind of like eating an egg or banana you get all you need from one perfect thing.

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Postition for your Pushup ball exercise free Pilates:

How to do a Stability Ball Pushup:

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Beginner Pushup Position

Lying with your stomach on the ball walk out until your pelvis (hips) are supported on the ball with legs long and hands directly under your shoulders.

Your hamstrings (back of the thigh) and buttock muscles should be engaged so that your body is one long plank so you'll move like a teeter totter with the fulcrum(center) as your navel.

Intermediate Exercise Ball Pushup Position

Walk yourself out until your thighs or kneecaps are positioned on the ball.

Reach out through the back of the legs and buttocks so they feel tight and you are long and strong.

Advanced Stability Ball Pushup Position

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Walk yourself out until your shins or feet are positioned on the stability ball with your body long and strong like a plank, you can flex slightly at the lower back to protect it from hyper-extending.

Your hands should be positioned directly under your shoulders.


Bend your arms lowering your chest down between your hands on your core ball.

While you lower the upper body the lower body should go up like a teeter totter would. Then press yourself back up by straightening your arms until you are in a plank position again.

Beginners may want to only bend the arms a little bit until you are able to go lower keeping the ball still.

Tips: Keep the abdominals and backs of the legs tight. The elbows, when bending should fall back towards the hips so you get more work in the triceps and backs of the shoulders.

Leave Stability Ball Pushup and find out more about how Pilates exercises can benefit you.

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