Relieve Shoulder Pain with Simple Exercises

Are you looking for something that will relieve shoulder pain you have been having?

Shoulder Myalgia or muscle pain is just a big pain in the neck!

It is felt in the upper back, shoulder, and neck area originating in the trapezius muscle.


  • Stress may be causing your pain or, like me, you may have a bad setup for your computer work.
  • Another cause of shoulder myalgia may be weak muscles in the upper back and shoulder area.
  • Injuries - After breaking my collarbone I started to develop this shoulder myalgia, or muscle pain due to the atrophy of muscles while the bone was still healing.

These are some of things I did to relieve the pain in my neck and shoulders.

Shoulder Pain Exercises to help Relieve Shoulder Pain, as well as that Pain in the Neck:

The Dart or Upper Back Stretch

upper back stretch to relieve shoulder pain image

Good For:

This exercise not only helps to relieve shoulder pain but it really works the muscles of the upper back (trapezius) while stretching the shoulders and neck.


Lay on your stomach face down with your hands clasped across your lower back.


“Zip up” your abdominal muscles like you’ve just put on a tight pair of jeans and hollow out your pelvis. Lift your chest and head off the mat, keeping your nose pointed down.

Pull your hands up off your back and reach your hands down past your tailbone to the end of the mat.

Make this upper back pain exercise harder by staying lifted through the head and chest and reaching your arms out to the sides turning your palms down.

Work up to 4-6 repetitions trying to hold longer each time, for 10 - 20 seconds.


Keep looking down and reaching out through the crown of your head. Abs stay zipped up as you feel your shoulders slide down your back. Keep the feet down and knees and thighs heavy into the mat so you don’t squeeze the glutes.

Band Pulls: Good Upper Back Pain Exercise

I like any pulling exercises because they help to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the upper back and shoulders decreasing my shoulder myalgia (muscle) pain.

upper back pain rowing exercise image


Band wrapped around solid object or around your feet if sitting holding one end of the band in each hand.


Move 1: Pull your elbows straight back as you reach your hands to your waist, similar to a rowing motion.

Move 2: Standing with the band wrapped high and your arms straight pull the band with your palms down by your side or thighs. Your palms should face behind you.


Stay tall with chest open and length up through the back top of your head so you feel your shoulders sliding down and together.

Upper Back Pain Stretch

upper back pain stretch image


Standing or kneeling with your hands crossed over each other resting on a counter or chair.


Let your chest sink down as you pull your shoulder blades wide on your back reaching away farther. Repeat with the other hand crossed over. Do this a few times with each hand position.

Tips: Try lifting your head up and looking over each shoulder for a little extra way to relieve shoulder pain.

Find more free information and articles to relieve shoulder pain by going here.

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