Pilates Exercises for the Core

Once you try these free Pilates exercises for the core you will better understand how the program emphasizes the use of the core muscles.

The variety of exercises makes this Pilates sequence interesting and challenging while developing core strength. It is the core muscles which are the most powerful in the body and have the greatest impact on efficient movement.

NO “Jerks” Allowed in Pilates

Once of the first things you will discover about the Pilates style of exercising is that dozens of repetitive and jerky movements are not allowed.

When you try these core workout exercises, you will notice that each exercise relies on fluid and controlled movements moving from one to another very efficiently.

Let's get started with one of my newest core strength workouts below!

When you go to a fitness center, one of the first things you often notice is the fact many people are looking very bored. You can also find just as many complaining they are no longer seeing results even though they faithfully go to the gym 5 days a week.

There are two important factors which can negate the effectiveness of an exercise, especially exercises for the core.

First is the fact that people who are bored cannot be getting the most benefit from an exercise because the mind is not engaged.

Second is the fact many people at the gym are doing exercises improperly and do not have their core muscles engaged.

When the core muscle group is not engaged, the rest of the body tries to compensate.

So instead of improving the middle body muscles, the arms or leg muscles are working the hardest and unfortunately with a much higher risk of injury.

When you combine boredom with improper movement, the result is an ineffective exercise program.

Powerhouse Moves for Powerhouse Muscles

When you try these core workout exercises, it’s time to experience the powerhouse movements that develop powerhouse muscles.

  • Learn how to use momentum with control instead of jerky and unproductive movement
  • Learn how to use resistance to increase results
  • Try using concentration to isolate the muscles you are working on
  • Learn the importance of proper posture and body alignment throughout the exercise

By completing one Pilates exercise properly, you are able to experience the power of the program. Your body and mind are focused on building muscle strength without doing injury-prone and repetitive moves.

Leaving the Comfort Zone

It can be daunting sometimes to make changes in your core body workout routine where a level of comfort has been developed. But exercising in a comfort zone is not conducive to results. Pilates exercises focus on working smarter instead of working repetitively while teaching you to concentrate on your body.

These free Pilates exercises for the core should be enough to prove you can increase your effort and your results just by leaving your comfort zone and trying something new in your life.

Pilates is beneficial for men and women of all ages and all physical conditions, because you can start with key exercises and progress at your own pace.

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