Sore Back Exercise with Pilates

Let's clear up the best ways to do sore back exercise so you get the best results and keep your sore and stiff lower back away for good.

There are many exercises for the back that are helpful for certain back pain issues, but they may also be harmful for other sore back issues.

In the video below I will show you the best ways to work out spasms and pain in both the upper and lower back.

Best Exercise for Stiff Lower Back

When you have a stiff lower back from overuse or just inactivity it's best to get the spinal fluids flowing!

The best way to do this is with the Pilates cat stretching exercise as shown below.

stiff lower back exercise image
sore back exercise image

Exhale as you flex the spine as shown to the left, and inhale as you extend the spine as shown to the right.

Roll in and out of this stretch for 6-8 repetitions or as long as you need to get the spine warmed and loosened up.

Pulling as a Good Sore Back Exercise

How can Pulling Exercises be good for a Sore Back?

Pulling exercises correct length/tension imbalances in the body, particularly around the spine with the stretching and strengthening movements that work the muscles directly surrounding your spine.

As the muscles get stronger and more elongated your range of motion increases along with an increase in muscle tone.

This helps to protect your back and other joints from injury, as well as improving your posture aligning your body in its natural state.

Pilates exercises are well known to use spring tension and straps for pulling to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the spine for better alignment and less pain.


pulling exercise image

Using a Pilates band wrapped around your feet (as shown) or anchored to something firm.

Sitting or standing tall with both hands on the cable or band handles and palms facing the body pull your elbows straight back until your hands come to your waist.

Your forearms should stay parallel to the floor. Feel your shoulder blades draw together or toward your spine as you pull the tension.

This back exercise helps to improve posture and decrease pain in the upper back and neck by strengthening muscles of the mid and upper back.

Leave sore back exercise and find out more ways Pilates can help with your back pains.

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