Endometriosis and Pilates

For many women Endometriosis causes:

Pelvic floor pain during and after the menstrual cycle.

Chronic lower back pain.

Fatigue and lack of concentration.

Chronic abdominal pain.

Having symptoms such as many of these leads me to why I believe that Endometriosis and Pilates can work well together to help you lessen your symptoms and enjoy a healthier lifestyle again.

Pilates is a not only a form of exercise, but a concept of how to move and breathe and feel your body functioning at its best.

Pilates utilizes the principles of breathing, focus, concentration, centering, control, and precision of movement.

With these principles in place it is no wonder how Pilates and women with endometriosis can work synonymously to improve your overall well being.

For women who have Endometriosis to see the benefits, it is important to get to the core with effective exercises that require a deeper level of concentration and centering.

Pilates exercises work on that deeper level, layering the muscle groups deep in the pelvic region as well as those that support and protect the spine such as the transverse abdominals.

Following surgery for endometriosis it is important to strengthen the weakened abdominal and back muscles that may have been compromised due to the disease.

This is where Pilates exercises can be very beneficial.

Benefits of Pilates for Endometriosis:

Pilates exercises helps to strengthen the deeper transverse abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

Strengthening these muscles, in turn, helps to decrease pain in the back by stretching the tight muscles in the back that are causing your pain.

pilates bridge exercise image

One of my favorite exercises for stretching and strengthening the spine is the Pilates Bridge or Pelvic lift shown at the right.

Find out how to do Pilates exercises to help improve circulation and energy and move the cerebral spinal fluids up and down the spine.

Pilates helps to relax and improve your mood through proper breathing techniques and the concentration required to perform the movements.

Pilates can improve your energy by increasing your body flexibility and agility.

Pilates can improve your balance and posture through the fluid, smooth, and continuous movements that focus on stabilizing and realigning the spine.

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