Beginner Exercise Pilates Routine for You!

Beginner Exercise Pilates Routine includes some of the classics modified so that beginner exercisers can do them safely and for the best results.

Let me show you some of my favorite Pilates exercises and ways that you can do them without risk of injury.

Pilates Hundreds:

beginner exercise pilates hundred
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Begin your the Pilates Hundreds with your head down(back of the neck long), knees bent, feet heavy and just under the knees, and your arms reaching long down your side with your arms just about an inch or two off your mat.

This is a great exercise to warm up your body and abs and to work your respiratory muscles.

Pulse your arms up and down at your sides energetically while breathing in and out for 5 counts over 10 sets. If it is difficult for you to pulse breath then take a long breath in through your nose and then breath out through your mouth.

Pilates Single Leg Stretch:

pilates mat exercise
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This beginner exercise Pilates is generally done with the head floating up and the legs reaching long and low along your exercise mat.

Turn this into a beginner Pilates move by keeping your head down and extending your legs to the ceiling to keep your back flat on the mat.

Begin with your knees pulled in to your chest, then extend one leg to the ceiling as you tuck the opposite knee to your chest.

Switch legs and repeat for 8-10 repetitions.

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Pilates Double Leg Stretch:

pilates beginner exercise
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Begin this Pilates exercise lying on your back with your knees tucked into your chest. Grab across your shins.

Inhale as you extend your arms over head and your legs to the sky keeping your back flat on the mat and your head down. Exhale as you circle your arms out to the side and then pulling your knees back in to your chest.

Feel the stretch and pull through your abdomen as you extend, then really flatten your tummy as you pull your knees back into your chest.

Repeat this exercise 6-8 times.

Pilates Side Kicks:

pilates side kicks
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The Pilates side kick sequence can be modified for beginners so it is easier to balance by bending your bottom leg and placing your top hand in front of your abdominals for support.

The side kicks can be done with up and down kicks, heel taps in front and behind the bottom leg, small circles, and front and back kicks.

The beginner exercise sequence of side kicks should be 6-10 repetitions for each set.

Pilates Prone Exercise The Upper Back Lift:

pilates beginner back extension exercise image
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Many of the Pilates prone or stomach lying exercises take a lot of upper back strength to execute properly and without risk of injury.

Start this beginner exercise Pilates by lying on your tummy with your forehead on a towel arms, down your side, and legs about hip width apart.

As you inhale reach up through the back of your head and shoulders as you lift your head and chest off the mat. Raise your arms up above your back a little and hold for a few seconds then lower as you exhale.

Repeat this exercise only 4-6 repetitions.

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