Pilates Video Download
2 Great Workouts!

If you are looking for a Pilates video download to strengthen your core muscles and decrease your back and joint pain then you have come to the right place.

I developed this Pilates exercise program specifically for people like you who are looking to increase strength in the “core”.

The core doesn’t just include the abdomen and supporting muscles, it involves the whole trunk of the body from the scapula (shoulder blades), all the way to the pelvic floor (hip area).

The Pilates Video Download is 48 minutes in length and includes 3 segments.

* A Standing Warmup,

* A Modified Beginner Sequence,


* A Classic Pilates Workout.

The Many Benefits of a Pilates Video Download:

1. Inexpensive cost: This video download is only $9.95! A drop in the bucket compared to paying $10 to $15 for a class over and over.

2. Beautiful setting and easy to follow instructions. Set at the Tubac Golf Resort in Southern Arizona at sunset.

3. Safe and healthy Pilates exercise program for all abilities. Suitable for beginners and those with back and joint problems.

4. Helps you to increase your core strength. Works the deeper transverse abdominals that strengthen and support your spine.

5. Improves your posture. By working the deeper transverse abdominal core muscles, as well as the upper back you will stand taller, move confidently, and with less pain.

6. Improves your flexibility. Stretches your muscles and strengthens your core simultaneously.

7. Increases your strength and stamina. As you increase your strength in the muscles that support the joints and back you will tire less frequently and be able to keep going and working longer.

8. Increases energy. Most people comment on how they feel tired, but energized after a Pilates workout. Imagine being invigorated instead of beat down after your workout!

9. Pilates is fun and very different than traditional exercise classes. Pilates exercise program incorporates the stretch and focus of yoga and the strength, precision, and playfulness of gymnastics.

Get your Pilates Video now and starting learning the exercises and feeling great!

Pilates Video Core Ball Challenge

This Pilates workout has it all! Sitting exercises to challenge your balance.

Lying exercises to flatten and strengthen your abs with classic Pilates moves.

Side lying exercises to tone and strengthen your waist (obliques) and lateral thighs

And... finally, lying belly down for more upper body strength.

Try it today for a fun, challenging, and energetic workout for the whole body!

Leave Pilates Video Download and find out more about how Pilates exercises can benefit you.

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