Sore Hips from Pilates or Running?

by Kerrie

I like to keep quite active and up until 10 months ago I could run 12km with out any trouble.

I then did a Pilates class and arrived late to the session but the instructor got me to go straight into the exercises with out any warm up.

I didn't think any thing of it at the time, the next day I had great difficulity getting up from and getting down into a seated position and in bed at night when I roll around I also have pain.

When I run I can barely move for a week. I haven't done any Pilates since this happened.

I have been to Physio and I'm currently seeing a Chiropractor without much or any relief.

10 months into this and I'm fed up I'd like to return to my normal activities without the pain I'm feeling on a daily basis.

What can you recommend I do or who do you reccommend I see to fix this problem.

Thank you for your advice. Kerrie


Hello Kerrie and sorry to hear about your situation.

Unfortunately, when you are in a Pilates Class the instructor doesn't always know your health history and cannot monitor each person individually. It's hard to say what exactly caused the pain in your hips.

I am or was an avid runner myself and do Pilates as well.

From my experience when I get away from running and come back to it my hips always seemed tight, right in the flexors or psoas area.

I have flat feet and found that one of my feet had actually dropped more or was flatter than the other and this is the same side where I was having the hip pain.

I started using the Pilates foot corrector or, you can build up the arch using a ball to roll along the arch or practice grabbing it.

This exercise helped my hip pain go away.

It sounds like you may have a pelvic alignment issue or such.

If this is the case I have a few pages that may help you do some sort of adjustment or get relief at home.

Hip stretches for pain and pelvic imbalance.

Hip flexor exercises

I would recommend getting a one on one session with a certified Pilates equipment instructor to have them evaluate your posture and movement patterns to see what is causing the lingering pain.

I'm surprised the Physiotherapist can't figure it out.

Best to you!

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