Torn Labrum in Hip and Herniated Disc

by Barbara

I am 56 yrs. old. Due to problems, I tore my labrum in the right hip.

Then after the surgery which left me "bone on bone" in 6/7 months I needed total hip replacement.

I have a herniated disc with L5, L4 & S1 problems. Also degenerative problems, vitamin D and calcium deficiency due to menopause which I am being treated for.

I have gone through so much physical therapy and the hip exercises make back problem worse and the back exercises make the hip worse.

I was better after the hip surgery rehab and joined the gym downstairs but soon I had groin pain. The surgeon said to stop weight machines, take 2 Advil 2x day and ice area. Groin pain went away but low back pain got bad again as it was flared up due to using those machines with too much weight.

I now am getting sciatic pain down to behind knee and some down to foot again.

What can I do as I must exercise?

There must be proper exercises that won't be irritating to either of my issues. I have all the exercise charts from back PT and hip PT. I don't want to end up with a back surgery as my having a third at 56 is ridiculous.

I think it could have been prevented with the proper diagnosis and treatment sooner from the start. My going into "menopause" - and work-related mental stress which caused low seratonin and depression, also it created cortisol problems which affected my calcium depletion. My job has caused some earlier physical deterioration on my body.

So, overall, a combination of these things have caused me harm.

Please help me as I am confused and afraid.



I've had much luck using Pilates based exercises for both back herniation, si joint issues, and hip replacements including bursitis and bone on bone pain associated with it.

Just curious what exercises you were doing in Therapy?

I've found also that the weight machines are much harder on aging joints, and being that most of my clients are 55 plus the spring tension and low impact nature of Pilates has been a real pain reliever while still giving them a great workout. The stretching and strengthening work done in Pilates of muscles and bones helps to stabilize joints.

I will suggest a few pages for you to begin with doing exercises that help you strengthen the core muscles to support your back in neutral spine.

Once you learn how to stabilize the core then you can begin doing hip exercises such as modified leg circles and some of the lying side kicks.

Learn Neutral Spine Position and practice breathing here feeling the abdominals running up and down the spine contracting to support the spine:

Neutral Spine

This page has a good description of how to breathe using the abdominals, try this sitting up and gently pull on the edge of the chair as you exhale keeping the spine straight.

Abdominal Breathing Exercise

The cat stretch and pelvic lifts or briding in neutral are good exercises for you to relieve tension in the spine while strengthening and stabilizing the pelvis.

Cat Stretch

Pilates Bridge

Moving on to hip exercises; the leg circles modified with a bent knee is a good place to start stabilizing the pelvis while lubricating the hip joint. Make sure to do the beginner version until you have no pain.

Leg Circles

And, here are some exercises and information to relieve your sciatic pain:

Sciatic Nerve Exercises

The Pilates ebook I have available has 3 levels of progressions for these exercises and modifications for back and joint conditions such as yours. It is very comprehensive in the pictures and descriptions. I would recommend it for you. Money back guarantee if you don't find it helpful.

Pilates Ebook

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