Spinal Fusion and Coccyxgectomy

Exercise ball for Spinal Fusion

Exercise ball for Spinal Fusion

I had a Spinal Fusion and Coccyxgectomy in the past six months.

My surgeon wants me to do core exercises.

Are there any Pilates moves I should avoid??

Jennifer's Response:

With a coccyxgectomy you will be limited in most of the Pilates classic exercises lying on your back.

I would recommend prone or kneeling abdominal exercises or, if you are comfortable using an exercise ball, it would be very effective for developing core strength.

Spinal Fusion recommendations: Generally extension exercises are not recommended, which includes most of the prone or belly down exercises.

However, you can modify these by placing a pillow under your pelvis to flex the back slightly, or do them on an exercise ball as shown in the above image.

This may actually be a good way for you to activate the pelvic core muscles and take pressure off your back side from the coccyxgectomy.

Some simple exercises you could do with the pillow under your pelvis is a tummy vacuum, just gently pressing your pubic bone into the pillow hollowing out the pelvis by engaging the abdominal muscles. While doing this, extend one leg at a time only and inch or two off the floor so your hip bones don't come off the floor.

Another way to work the pelvic core muscles is from a four point kneeling position. Again, try the tummy vacuum and then extending one leg at a time only parallel to the floor. You can challenge yourself further by extending the opposite arm and leg.

Check out the two Pilates Low Back and Core exercises here.

Side lying exercises should be comfortable for you as well. Use padding wherever needed.

Check out the Side Kick Sequence here.

Try some of these exercises sitting or lying supported on an exercise ball.

I have just released a new core ball dvd you can find by going here.

Do what's comfortable for you, if it causes pain modify or try another exercise, the good thing is there are many exercises to choose from with Pilates.

My Pilates Ebook includes over 40 exercises with modifications and progressions of all the classics.

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