Spinal Fusion along with Kyphosis and Scoliosis

by Lisa

I have had severe scoliosis all my life.

I had a spinal fusion at age 13. I am now 41 and last year I had to have it redone and they got me pretty straight (Just a small curve) They had to remove the hardware because of a staph infection.

I now have developed very severe kyphosis. I wanted to know if I would still be able to do the exercises, even though my spine is fused.

I appreciate your time. Thank you.


Hi Lisa and thank you for your email. I think it is even more important for you to do some kind of Pilates type exercise now with your kyphosis condition getting worse.

I have clients who are fused in both the lumbar and thoracic spine who are very able to do Pilates exercises, within limits.

Generally flexion exercises are recommended where the fusion is, however with your kyphotic condition I would focus on extension or working towards neutral in the upper back to keep from getting more rounded in that area.

Your goal with the Kyphosis is to stretch the muscles of the chest and to strengthen the muscles of the upper and mid back areas.

I would recommend doing rowing type exercises either on the reformer or using stretch bands, which you can wrap around your feet or some stationary object and then pulling on them at different angles.

I like to put students who have both scoliosis and kyphosis on a round foam roller. This helps them to work out the length/tension imbalances in the spine with the scoliosis and to open the chest for the kyphosis.

The Pilates Ebook takes in to account conditions such as this and gives modifications for osteoporosis and other spinal conditions such as yours.

The pages below will give you more information about what to do for your kyphosis and scoliosis and just your posture in general.

Kyphosis Exercise

Exercise for People With Scoliosis

Exercises for Rounded Shoulders

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