by Mathew Robbins
(Medellin colombis)

SI Joint Exercise

SI Joint Exercise

Hi, I had a small accident about 20 years ago that has left me with SI joint pain.

I've recently started to feel pain in the hip on that same side. Also I have repetitive lower back issues that come and go.

Is it possible that my pelvis is twisted and is causing the hip pain and back pain?

If so would I be able to correct this twist so it won't reoccur and get rid of the hip and SI pain for good by doing you SI exercises?

Also I've been seeing physiotherapists for years and they've never shown me your SI exercises...

Is this such a rare condition in men that I've gone un-diagnosed or is there simply a debate amongst sports therapists regarding proper treatment?


Hello Matthew and thank you for your question.

I would assume a doctor or physical therapist could diagnose and help you correct the rotated pelvis or hip or si joint pain you have.

Have they looked at your back? Maybe a lumbosacral problem, herniated disc?

The Pilates exercises are good are stabilizing the muscles around the joint after you are in good alignment.

This page has some information and a video that may explain for you more about your pain and if the pelvis is rotated how to try adjusting yourself.

SI Joint Pain and Exercise.

Best to you!

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