SI Joint Dysfunction and Pain

by Georgia

Hi Jennifer, I just love your much good information...and it just goes on and on!

The photos are a great aid too.

I have had SI Joint dysfunction and pain for several years now (believe it stems from an auto accident) and recently have also developed functional scoliosis (in the thoracic region, the curve "comes out" on my left side) because of the pelvic imbalance.

I do exercise daily (both at scheduled times and on an as-needed basis) but sometimes I wonder if exercises I do for one of the conditions might aggravate the other.

Are there any exercises listed on your site that I should totally avoid or modify?


Jennifer's Response:

Because of your pelvic imbalance bridging and rolling may cause you pain.

You should exercise each side individually because of this imbalance;

Pilates Leg Circles
and Pilates Side Kicks are fine, however you may want to see a good massage or physical therapist to try to realign your pelvis before continuing the Pilates.

This page shows one of my favorite self help hip stretches to realign or balance the pelvis and SI Joint: Hip Stretches for Pelvic Imbalance

If this doesn't work for you then try massage or physical therapy.

Pilates will be a great exercise routine for you once the pelvis is aligned as it will help to keep the muscles strong and flexible to support the SI Joint and to continue doing SI Joint Exercises that will strengthen those muscles.

If the scoliosis curves out on the left you may want to just stretch the right side or do side bending exercises to the left.

Find out more about scoliosis exercises here.

Avoid any exercise that gives you pain during or after working out.

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Sep 02, 2010
I have SI problems, too!
by: Kim McGuire

I am a Pilates instructor, and for many years have had inflamed SI joints... which for me leads to hip and leg pain. I have found the exercises Jennifer recommends to be very good for this. I am a big fan of the knee sways, and incorporate them into most of my classes.

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