Pilates instead of Body Weight Training

by Karen
(Marietta, NY)

Just wondering...I have known about Pilates for a long time.

I come from a fitness background. I am really frustrated with resistance training.

My muscles build easily and stay pumped for a long time.

I am a woman and want to look like one, but also want to remain strong and capable.

I want to define my muscles... not build mass. It is a lie... women can build muscle!

Can you give me some feed back please?


Hi Karen,

You have come to the right place...Pilates is definitely what you are looking for!

Yes, some women do build bulk more than others.

Regular weights work to contract or shorten and bulk up the muscles.

Pilates uses spring tension that stretches your muscles and then strengthens them into longer and leaner lines.

I used to be a Personal Trainer working in a regular fitness machine and free weight atmosphere. I noticed that I, and my clients felt sore and still had aches and pains after weight training. I looked to and started doing and teaching Pilates over 10 years ago and haven't looked back.

Since doing Pilates I have never felt stronger or more flexible and my joints don't hurt any more.

I would recommend getting started with a certified instructor on the equipment and then maybe mixing it up with some mat work. Check out the Pilates Method Alliance website for certified instructors in your area.

With your background you could eventually get your own reformer and/or wunda chair to use at home.

Check out some of my Equipment videos on these pages:

Pilates Reformer Workout

Pilates Chair Workout

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