Pilates in Neutral or C-Curve?


I recently took a Pilates Certification Class and was taught to do the ab work in C-Curve position to protect the lower back.

Is that right?

Also, what kind of exercises do you always use neutral spine?


Hello and Congratulations on achieving your Pilates Certification!

The C-Curve is a position of flexion that you should be using only when doing Pilates exercises such as the Spine Stretch forward or Roll-ups/Roll-downs, for instance.

It is a curving or lengthening of the spine from head to tail in a long "C" shape, which allows you to get a deep scooping out of the abdominal muscles.

It is very effective at working the deeper transverse abdominal muscles while stretching and opening the vertebra in the spine.

This deep flexion, or "C" Curving of the spine is not always recommended for those who have spinal conditions such as Osteoporosis.

Be aware of each individual's health conditions as you work with them and make the proper modification's to their program so you get the best results and keep them from injury.

Neutral Spine is generally the safest and most effective way to work in while doing Pilates exercises while lying, sitting, or standing.

Neutral or "Natural" Spine takes in to account the natural curvature in our spine, which is how we function in everyday life. This is also the safest way to work people who have degeneration or various spinal conditions.

I will attach some pages here related to doing Pilates exercises in Neutral and those that use the C-Curve.

Finding the Proper Back Position

C-Curve in Spine Stretch Forward

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