Pilates for Pregnancy

by Jessie

Pilates on the Ball for Pregnancy

Pilates on the Ball for Pregnancy

I am pregnant and in my last pregnancy I suffered from symphysis pubic dysfunction to the point that walking or even lying down was extremely painful.

I am trying to avoid this problem with this pregnancy, but I am already experiencing pain in my hips and my right S-I joint.

I am just over two months pregnant. What exercises can help me the most with this problem?

Jennifer's Response:

Hi Jessie and thanks for your question. This is a difficult condition that I researched quite a bit.

After the first trimester Pilates exercises should not be done lying on your back. Most can be standing, side lying, and sitting, but changing positions often.

Refer to this article on Pilates and Pregnancy.

Exercises specific to your condition should be done with your knees together, avoiding twisting and straddling.

I would recommend some of the Pilates Side Kicks.

Specifically Recommended Side Kicks:

Torpedo - Side lying with hips and shoulders stacked over each other. Squeeze inner thighs together as you extend both legs up together.

Inner Thigh Lift - From side lying position. Top leg bent over bottom then lift bottom leg up with a pulse pointing your heel to the ceiling.

Clam - From side lying position. Legs bent at a 90 degree angle and heels together. Open the top leg like you are opening a clam shell that is very tight. Keep your top hand on hip with a little pressure to stabilize it.

Avoid: Abduction - Taking the legs apart or away from the midline of the body.

Example would be the Front and Back Swings.

You can also do Pilates exercises sitting on an exercise ball with a ball or towel between your knees keeping your legs together.

Try pelvic tilts on the ball just rocking forward and back and then add some pelvic circles sitting upright.

Imagine swishing water around in your pelvis like a bowl.

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Jan 20, 2012
Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction
by: Severe SPD sufferer

I had one of the worst cases of SPD on record at Chelsea Westminster. I was on restricted bed-rest from 5 1/2 months. 13 months after giving birth I am still going to post-natal physio and training to try to recover from the damage.

Pilates is the next thing that I'm discussing with my trainer. The difference though, is that my body has stopped making the hormone relaxin, where as you will continue to over-produce it until you give birth, or if your as unlucky as me, until you stop breastfeeding.

What you can do to lessen the impact on your pelvis are the following:

Don't spread your legs more than shoulder width apart;
avoid bending over;
If you can, avoid pushing shopping carts - they put strain on the pelvis;
don't carry anything more than 5 kilos and dont carry anything in the last trimester;
and lastly if you are carrying anything make sure you evenly balance the weight (i.e.; dont carry everything in one hand).

Best of luck to you.

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