Pilates for Men

by Peter Allis

As we are all diffrent, I would like to do Pilates exercises specifically to help me as a man.

Area's I would like to target:

- Core strength for golf ?

- Bum ?

- Loose my pot gut ?

- Flexibility ?

Am I beyond repair, or can you advise me the specific exercises I need to do.


Hello Peter!

According to my Pilates Philosophy nobody is beyond repair.

Bring me your lame, your feeble, your inflexible, your degenerating bones, and yes, even your pot guts.

I think you will find Pilates can help you with most all of your imperfections and more.

In fact, some of the top golfers practice Pilates to strengthen their core muscles and to improve flexibility, which equals greater and straighter drives on the course along with less pain in the end.

Try a Beginner Pilates class, I have fellows who reluctantly come in with their wives and leave feeling they have been stretched and plucked and worked beyond all they can imagine in a regular gym.

Most of them notice an improvement in their flexibility almost immediately, and then gradually notice a weight loss, quicker than women due to their fat/muscle ratio. And then, an improvement in their game, whether golf, raquet sports, ball sports, or bicycling.

I have a Beginner Pilates DVD that you can get started with right now.

As for your bum and pot gut I would suggest more cardio exercise, bike riding is a great way to firm and defince your glute muscles otherwise know as the "buttocks"!

I have included a link below to a page that I feel would be helpful for specific exercises that will help you with your golf game and flexibility.

Flexibility Exercises for Golf

Pilates Ebook for pictures and descriptions of all the Pilates floor exercises from beginner to advanced levels of progression.

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