Stretches for Hip Bursitis

by Carmen

I have hip bursitis and I would like a Pamphlet showing how to do the Exercise for my hip.

I'm tired of being in pain because I do not know what to do for my hip. I feel it needs to be stretched, so I can go on with my life.

Jennifer's Response:

My mother has just had surgery for her hip bursitis which was caused by a bone spur on the head of the femur.

There are many causes of bursitis in the hip.
Find out what is causing your hip bursitis, maybe postural, gait, bone spur, etc.

Once you determine the cause you will know better how to avoid the pain and fix the problem.

Here are a few articles to read and some specific exercises to work on for stretching.

Hip Bursitis Exercise.

Pilates Leg Circles for range of motion.

Pilates Side Kicks for flexibility and strength.

Look around in the hip articles, the side kicks and leg circles are the best to get started with. The side kicks you may do standing if it's uncomfortable to do lying.

Best to you!

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Can Pilates Help with Hip Bursitis?

by dana

I have suffered with hip bursitis for approximately 6 months.

I am very active & my job requires constant walking on concrete as well. I am a 50 year old female in excellent health & considering purchasing your "Pilates Relief for Hip & Joint pain" to strengthen this area.

I have lifted weights for 25 years and am an avid walker-this hip pain is driving me insane!

My doctor x-rayed my hip & found no defects & I was given a cortisone injection. This has helped but still have some discomfort-Is this video right for me?


I have several clients and, my own mother who suffered from hip bursitis. It can be caused by different things and once you weed out the real culprit then you can take steps to alleviate it.

It sounds like your hip bursitis may be coming from walking on concrete all day either with a malalignment in the pelvis or in the feet.

I would first treat your feet to a "good" pair of shoes, well sized and fitted for your specific needs, maybe even with an orthotic.

I would recommend going to a physical therapist or foot store that you trust and have them analyze your gait, check leg length and pelvic alignment to make adjustments there first if need be.

The Pilates Exercises in my DVD can definitely help with your core strength and posture, as well as working the hip abductors and adductors doing the side kicks and leg circles. However, if your pelvis is not aligned properly it will be in vain.

The cortisone shot will help for a while, but won't be a permanent fix so it is best to be proactive taking steps to find out what's causing the pain and then working to correct it.

Here is a helpful article about hip bursitis, where you can learn more and find some exercises to begin once you rid the pain:

Exercise for Hip Bursitis.

And, here is where you can find my Pilates DVD:

Pilates For Healthy Back and Joints.

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