Pilates Exercises and High Blood Pressure



I would like a list or a resource where I can find a list of safe Pilates exercises to do for someone with high blood pressure.

Thank you!



Hello Sally,

Many of my own students have high blood pressure (controlled mostly, with medications) and do very well with Pilates exercises.

I have them move slowly when coming up from a lying position.

If overweight be careful with exercises where the feet and legs are in the air unsupported as it can cause extra pressure in the abdomen and possibly lead to a valsalva manuever.


1. Inverted positions where your feet are over head.

2. The Rollover

3. Standing Roll downs

4. Rolling exercises


1. Keep breathing

2. Exhale as you flex the spine or bend forward, inhale as you extend the spine.

3. Bridges are o.k.

4. Leg Circles

5. Single Leg Stretch

6. Prone extension exercises are o.k. if comfortable lying on your tummy.

7. Side Kicks o.k.

8. Kneeling exercises are o.k.

Best to you,

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