Pilates DVD for Exercising with Multiple Bulging Discs

by Vanessa

I am writing to ask about doing Pilates with multiple bulging discs.

I got your DVD and did the first part. I have tried a stretching DVD and it hurt terribly. Your beginner Pilates DVD did not hurt me one time! What a blessing.

So thank you so much. I'm so thankful I found you.

I have a couple of questions...

1. Should I do the Pilates DVD everyday?

I am sticking with the first part for a while..

2. Also does Pilates help with muscle imbalance?

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it so much!


Hi Vanessa and thank you for your comment and questions.

For your condition I would do the

Pilates Mat Routine DVD
every other day and do some form of Cardio exercise like swimming, walking, or biking on the days in between.

After about 8 weeks with no pain you can do Pilates most days if you alternate routines each day so you are not doing the exact same routine every day.

For instance, you could try some reformer or resistance band stretching and pulling exercise one day and do mat exercises the next. Or, focus on balance standing exercises one day and leg and upper body the next day.

And, Yes! To your second question Pilates does very much help with length tension muscle imbalance in the body. Especially when you use the spring tension on the Chair and Reformer you can't help but stretch the tight muscles and strengthen the weak ones.

Check out the Reformer and Chair workouts on a video from links here:

Pilates Reformer workouts

Pilates Chair Workout

Best to you!

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