Pilates Chair Information

by Janet

I'm a newbie to Pilates. I've never heard of a Pilates Chair.

I could really use some more information; maybe what constitutes a reasonable size range, price range, etc. for a Pilates Chair?

No emergency, just curious.

I've already lost nearly 100 pounds, and have maybe 20 to go at the most.

I have mostly toning and tightening to do at this point, and definitely need the relaxation and metabolic stimulation of Pilates so any specific links, resources are helpful.

Thank You.


First, Congratulations on your weight loss and your new found interest in Pilates. It will be a great way to tone up your muscles, you'll feel both smaller around the middle and taller in length!

I love the Wunda Chair, which is a small and versatile piece of equipment.

Joseph Pilates dream was that every household would have one of his Wunda Chairs in their living room in the future.

You can get a great workout sitting on the chair doing footwork. It helps to balance and strengthen the feet, legs, and stabilize and strengthen the pelvic floor or hip muscles.

Lying on the chair helps with spinal extension and pushups for your upper body strength. Both of these exercises feel great and help to balance your whole body.

You can do standing lunges, tricep dips, pull ups hamstring and lower back stretches, and use it as a mountain climber.

The side mermaid stretch and twist feels great for the upper and lower back to open the ribs and the whole spine.

A studio size Pilates chair can range from $800-$1400. A home version the Malibu Pilates Chair is around $400. That's how I've seen it advertised anyway.

Check out these pages with videos and instruction on the Chair and Reformer:

Video workout on Pilates Chair.

Video instruction on Pilates Reformer.

Check out these pages for links to Pilates Equipment online retailers:

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Pilates Exercise Equipment

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