Neck Degeneration, Neck Arthritis, TMJ and Pilates Jump Board.

I have neck problems and TMJ.

When I do the Pilates jump board without a mouth guard, I get a headache.

When I use my TMJ mouth guard and I do the Pilates jump board, I do not get a headache.

Can the jump board contribute to further degeneration of my neck?

Should I continue to do jump board?


Is it absolutely necessary for you to use the Pilates Jump Board?

Then, I would suggest supporting your head well, prop it up with pillows.

There are definitely better ways for you to get in a good cardio workout like walking, swimming, bicycling, or the eliptical fitness trainer.

You can also get in a great Pilates workout using the Reformer, Wunda Chair, and other Pilates apparatus without the impact nature of the jump board.

Pilates Reformer Workouts.

Best to you!

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