Mid Section Exercise(s) after L4-L5 Fusion

Chair Exercises

Chair Exercises


I would like to know if there are any exercises for the mid-section besides walking that won't irritate the lower back.

I have a Pilates Chair and would like to use it. Since my surgery (7-18-13), I am very mindful of how I do my chores, etc.

I do stretches that don't involve bending and twisting but I need to lose some inches off my waist & stomach and don't want to cause any stress to the fusion area.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Jeri,

Because your surgery has been over 2 years now I would definitely suggest you start exercising on your Pilates Chair it's a great way to strengthen the abdominals and whole body simultaneously.

Begin with a light to medium resistance, the tension should feel fairly easy for you to do footwork. Doing footwork on your toes, heels, arches, turned in and out in various positions will strengthen the feet and legs while also activating the deep abdominal muscles.

Make sure you sit tall over your sitz bones, keeping the chest right up over your hips as you go through the footwork.

Pick and choose exercises where you sit up straight such as the tricep press from a box or kneeling in front of the pedal, chest expansion, and footwork.

You can view these and more at my page here:

Pilates Chair exercises.

Best to you and keep exercising!

Pilates Chair workout ideas.

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