Lumbar herniated disc

by Natasha
(Washington, DC)

Exercise with a herniated Disc

Exercise with a herniated Disc


I love Pilates and used to exercise regularly. However, I have been diagnosed with lumbar herniated disc and am now very conscious about not doing more harm and causing more damage.

Can I still practice Pilates? If so, what particular exercises should I do - and should not?


Hello Natasha and thank you for your question.

You can still do Pilates, but not the classical style of mat Pilates.

Flexion exercises are contra-indicated, that means any forward bending such as roll up, cat stretch with arch, hundreds, single leg stretch, spine stretch forward, saw, etc.

Extension exercises are acceptable and might help strengthen and lessen the pain.

This would be your prone or face down exercises such as swimming, swan dive, and the kneeling exercise shown above with the opposite arm and leg extension.

You can also do any exercises on your back with the head down, keeping a neutral pelvis from table top position like the dead bug, etc.

Find neutral back position here.

The exercises on this page are for sciatic pain, but can also work for herniated disc.

Sciatic pain exercises.

Best to you!

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Jul 13, 2017
by: Anonymous

How do you get diagnosed with a herniated disc? I have suffered with sciatica for months but my doctor tells me o excercises and take pain killers.

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