Hip Stretch and Knee Stretch

by Terry
(New York)

Hip and Psoas Stretch

Hip and Psoas Stretch

I have always had tight muscles around the hips and knees.

What are some good Pilates exercises for a hip stretch and a knee stretch?

Jennifer's Response:

The tight muscles around the hips and upper thighs can be stretched doing Pilates Leg Circles, Side Kicks, and the prone Single Leg Kick really targets the hip flexors and thigh muscles.

If the tightness in the lateral part of the thigh running from your hip joint to the outside of the knee it may be your iliotibial band, which can be very effectively stretched using a foam roller to do a self massage.

See this and other ways to stretch the chronically tight iliotibial band muscle here.

There are different reasons for having tight hips, but this page can help you determine which ways to do a hip stretch based on your condition.

Best ways for a hip stretch.


Check out this page for general articles about Hip Stretches and Hip Strengthening exercises.

As for a good knee stretch.

If you are looking for the best way to stretch and strengthen the big muscles of the quadriceps or the thigh then try the kneeling thigh stretch either on a Reformer with spring tension or on your own.

Position for the Thigh Stretch:

1. Kneeling upright on your knees with thighs long, abs engaged, and chest high. You may hold the straps on the reformer or a stretch band wrapped around a stationary object if you do not have a reformer.

2. Hinge backwards from the knees until you feel a knee stretch or pull in the thighs.

3. Tighten the core muscles without bending forward and lift yourself straight up to release the tension back to start.

4. Repeat for 4-6 repetitions going into your own discomfort however far back that may be.

If you are having pain in the knees and are looking for ways to stretch and strengthen that area then check out this article for help.

Exercises for Knee Stretch and Knee Strength.

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