Hip and Lower Back Pain.

by Bob
(Minersville, Pa)

I am lifting crates in the dairy dept all day - or the most part of it.

After three weeks my lower back from the hip up the spine on the left side is killing me. So much so I had to call off yesterday.

After two days of rest I am ready to go back in ... so this tells me it is all muscle.

How can I strengthen these muscles to reduce the weak muscle pain?


Hi Bob and thank you for your question and sorry to hear about your dilemna.

Lower back pain is very common when you lift improperly and without strength in your core or abdomen to support the extra weight that you are lifting.

First of all, make sure you are bending your legs when you squat down to lift something off the ground with your spine straight.

A good exercise is to practice squatting or standing up and sitting down from a low chair to develop your quad muscles, and at the same time be sure to tighten your tummy muscles.

This page will you give some tips and exercises to help with your Low Back Pain.

The best thing you can do is regular exercise of which I believe Pilates to be the best to help strengthen your deep abdominal muscles and help with back and joint pain.

Starting with just 10 minutes a day can make a big difference.

I will recommend some stretching and strength exercises for you in the links below.

One of the best stretches for the back is the Cat Stretch.

The Pilates Bridge for Pelvic Support.

Any of the exercises from the exercise of the month page will be helpful for you or you can get the newly revised Pilates Ebook to see all of the classic mat exercises from beginner to advanced progressions.

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