Bunion with Arthritis

by Irene
(Ottawa, ON)

Feet with Bunions

Feet with Bunions

Dear Jennifer,

I was wondering if there is something that Pilates could do for a bunion. A friend sent me your youtube link, and it is really wonderful.

My bunion is really way out... and recently it is making attempts to get over its neighboring toe... Unfortunately I had to stop dancing because after dancing it would be very painful.

The doctor did not want to operate on it, saying that the arthritis in the bunion toe may mean there could be complications, say the toe breaks, and they would need to use a screw so I will lose the flexibility of movement.

In the last two-three months I have been experiencing pain in my heel, that I am sure is a result of the bunion.

I may be modifying the way I stand and walk to alleviate the pain in the bunion, or it could be arthritis in the heel?

Sorry for the long story, but I wanted to give you some background, to ask my question: In this situation can the bunion still be helped?

I love Pilates, and have managed to get over pain in my hip that I had for a long time. Now it's a long time gone!

By the way, where are you located?

I enclosed two pictures.

Many many thanks for your reply



Hello Irene and thank you for the inquiry and detailed account.

The video I have shown on youtube using the rubber band as a toe stretcher seems to keep my bunion from getting worse.

Whether it actually improves the situation remains to be seen.

I just continue to stretch the toes both manually and with the rubber band holding for a 20-30 count, and I try to wear proper fitted shoes.

For the arthritis and heel pain I use the foot corrector and try to build up the arch of the foot.

My foot ebook has some good exercises for you to try here: Foot Ebook

Best of luck to you and your very pretty feet!


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