Stretch Band Exercise Video

Try this stretch band exercise video workout for a strong, flexible back and shoulder muscles.

In just 5 minutes you can warm-up and practice this standing Pilates band exercise routine anywhere.

From this video you can see the fun and versatility of a stretch band. 

I carry mine with me wherever I travel so I can get out and do a workout for you in front of a duck pond at dawn or dusk. 

I'm always thinking of you and how I can best entertain and find new and authentic places for you to do your workout. 

I want you to be creative as well, and to dispel all your excuses that you don't have time for a workout and there's no place to do it.

This workout you can even do in an office with a suit or dress on.  Okay maybe you want to take your jacket and heels off and loosen your tie first.

In any case, just do it!

Stretch Band Exercise Video Pictures

stretch band exercise imageStanding Starr with Stretch Band
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I love many things about the stretch band, not only is light weight and easy to travel with anywhere in the world...but I love the great resistance it provides me along with the flexibility to tone and stretch my body.

Stretch or thera-bands as they are sometimes called have been used for years in therapy or rehab settings specifically for shoulder injuries.  Find out more about shoulder rehab exercises here.

The exercises and stretches I am demonstrating in the video for you will definitely keep your shoulders both strong and flexible with a connection to your core or shoulder girdle to help stabilize them.

band exercise imageShoulder Stretches with Band
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How do I use the Stretch Band?

I use a medium to light weight resistance band to start, it allows for more freedom of movement and less stress on the joints.

You want to achieve as much range of motion as possible without stressing your shoulder or back joints.

For most of the stretch band exercise video descriptions your hands will be about shoulder width apart.   I like to just pinch the band between my thumb and pointer finger so I don't create stress or tension in my hands.

Keep your stretch band out of the sun, preferably in a plastic bag, and watch for small tears or frays, you will know it's wearing out when you see this.

pilates stretch band workout image
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What are the benefits of a stretch band workout?

There are so many benefits as you can see with the above video collage.

  1.  Strength and flexibility of the back and shoulders
  2.  Improved balance, posture, and coordination
  3.  Ease of use and lightweight for travel
  4.  Resistance throughout the movement to keep the muscles strong and supple.
  5.  Fun!

Leave Stretch band exercise video workout and find out more about how to keep your shoulders strong and supple with the free information here.

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