Good Stomach Exercises using Pilates

If you are looking for good stomach exercises, then you must be worried about...

1. Love handle exercises to get rid of abdominal fat...


2. How to get that ripped flat belly look...


3. Good ab exercises to help with your back pain.

No matter which of the 3 you are looking to accomplish Pilates exercises can help with any one or all of the above.

One of the best Love Handle Exercises to really widdle the waist and work those side obliques is the Pilates Criss-Cross.

Pilates good stomach exercise image

This Pilates exercise is one of a handful of good stomach exercises that very effectively works the whole of the abdomen.

Supporting your head in your hands and keeping your elbows wide lift your head and chest.

Fold your legs up into a 90-90 position, then exhale as you begin to extend one leg and reach your opposite elbow across to the bent knee.

Inhale to the center and exhale as you twist really lifting the chest to rotate keeping the pelvis still.

Repeat this exercise to fatigue with good form or for about 6-10 repetitions each side.

If you are looking for a flat stomach and ripped abs then the Pilates Roll-Up exercise is one of the best.

pilates good ab exercises image
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This is probably one of the more difficult of the Pilates exercises that you will do, correctly, anyway! Use some of the modifications from the link above to this exercise.

Begin sitting up tall with your legs extended and then exhale as you slowly roll or peel the spine down the mat.

Inhale to stretch and extend your arms, then exhale to lift your head, then shoulders, then spine rolls back up and out to your toes.

Repeat for 6-8 repetitions.

This is a great flat belly workout exercise. Just make sure not to jerk yourself up.

Good stomach exercises should always include those that protect or work the deep abs that help to protect and strengthen the back.

A good way to do this is through the flexing and extending of the spine doing the cat stretch shown here.

cat stretch flexion image
cat extension image

Begin kneeling with your hands under your shoulders.

Exhale as you press into your hands flexing or rounding your spine like a cat arching his back.

Pull your abdominal muscles in deeply.

Tuck your tail under and allow your head to fall between your hands.

Then, inhale as you push your tail away extending your spine long, open your chest and bring your head up last.

Keep the abdomen engaged here as well.

Repeat rocking through this good ab and back exercise for 6-8 repetitions.

Leave good stomach exercises and find more ways to do Pilates exercises in my newly revised ebook here.

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